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Week 2 of SICK! Festival has just begun and we are one step closer to the final week of the festival which we’re thrilled to be co-presenting.  

Bringing together Manchester based artists, such as Young Identity and our own Contact Young Company, with artists from across the globe, Week 3 explores different perspectives on a theme close to our heart, Young People’s Mental Health.

With theatre, comedy, music and opportunities to get involved and a party to finish, here’s our handy guide to what’s on.

Contact Young Company and Degasten: Baby Fever

1-3 Oct
STUN Studio
If happiness can be bought, are milestones the new currency?

Created by Contact Young Company in collaboration with Theater Degasten, Baby Fever explores the relationship between milestones and materialism. In a world of depleting resources, how do people feel about having children? Can they afford to? Do they even want to?

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Wild Life FM

3-4 Oct
Z Arts
A live radio show on how to discover yourself through music.

Exploring anxiety, identity and the need to forge our own place in the world, Wild Life FM creates a live radio show revealing how we discover ourselves through music.

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WILD LIFE FM presented by Contact and SICK! festival 2019

Amy Vreeke: The Year My Vagina Tried To Kill Me

2-3 Oct
Martin Harris Centre
A frank and funny look at a life-altering disease.

Through bluntly delivered jokes, captivating storytelling and a little help from the Gilmore Girls, Amy explores the taboos that surround women’s health and gives us an insight into life with a chronic illness.

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Amy Vreeke - The Year My Vagina Tried To Kill Me - Contact and SICK! Festival 2019

Samara Hersch: Body of Knowledge

4-5 Oct
Stun Studio
A new performance work that explores different ways teenagers and adults talk about their bodies.

The work will involve the teenage performers phoning in from the safe havens of their homes across Manchester and Amsterdam, speaking live to the audience in the hope of finding the wisdom of age and experience.

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Sick Festival and Contact present SAMARA HERSCH - Body of Knowledge

Takeover Workshops

4 Oct
Niamos Centre
SICK! Festival takes over the legendary NIAMOS Centre with a host of events giving voice to young people in the city.

A series of creative workshops that explore what makes life worth living for young people today. Participants are invited to join us for a communal lunch in the grand auditorium.

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SICK Festival and Contact takeover workshops

Takeover Party

5 Oct
Niamos Centre
Performances, spoken word, music, provocations, digital exhibitions, artistic interventions and immersive experiences, by, for and about young people.

TAKEOVER PARTY confronts the recent YouGov statistic that 18% of young people in the UK believe ‘life is not really worth living’ and asks what does make life worth living for young people today.

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Sick Festival and Contact Niamos takover