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The final week of SICK! Festival was themed around the quality of life, with a focus on young people. This was inspired by a recent, sobering statistic from a recent YouGov survey that found 18% of young people in the UK do not consider life to be worth living.

Using this as a springboard, performers from across Greater Manchester explored what makes life worth living for young people today.

From Contact Young Company discussing milestones and trust in Baby Fever, Amy Vreeke and her killer vagina, Wild Life FM and an incredible Finale Party, it was an inspiring, cathartic and humbling week.

Don’t just take our word for it. Why not take a look at our pick of the pops from last week’s press reviews and social media.

Baby Fever by Contact Young Company, part of SICK! Festival 2019


‘Walking into the studio, we felt an immediate sense of ease. The buzz of chatter and the soothing sounds of a neo-soul playlist created a comfortable environment.’ Full review at

‘It’s a beautiful sequence, hypnotic even. As they move around, the performers are careful of one another, gentle and tentative when they make contact. Even apart, and unable to see, their movements subtly mirror each other, and ripple around the space.’ Full review at

‘What is especially striking about this piece of theatre is the sense of buttons being pushed, boundaries being challenged and risks being taken… yet all this is occurring in what feels like a very safe space.’ Full review at

Wildlife FM


There you have it; a hugely original, popular, touching, funny and thought-provoking week and a great showcase for all of the emerging artists we support here at Contact.