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'I found working with Contact to be fun and informative.' Rowan shared her thoughts on her time spent at Contact with us. Read about her Work Experience.

During my time at Contact, I’ve had the opportunity to work in several departments; Creative Development, Finance, Programming, Marketing and Development/ Fundraising. Amid this, I was able to learn multiple new skills as well as progress in my opinions. I chose this as my work experience due to aspiring to work in the entertainment industry and wanting to understand the processes of the production. Admittedly, I was rather nervous on my first day and was slightly disappointed by the amount of written work we would be completing over the 2 weeks. However, after a few days, I found intrigue in areas I once found boring. I found working with the Contact to be fun and informative.

Creative Development:  

Whilst there, we completed multiple different tasks, these include the tasks of a Theatre Producer;

. Drafting emails

. Catering, putting together menus for performers and artists

. Panels, researching speakers for panel discussions

. Green Champions, considering the energy used in rehearsals and workshops

. Pricing, tickets, venues, items, merchandise

The vast variety of task during the given time allowed me to experience aspects of independence of professional jobs. While I personally didn’t enjoy certain aspects of this, I gained an understanding of the importance of this department.


Midst there, I learned how to do invoices. Many may view this as a vital skill due to not being taught this in secondary education, similarly the access granted to websites/ apps (e.g. Sage Accounts) was rather informing due to lack of opportunity to do this at school.  I was quite surprised that I enjoyed my time in this department due to lack of both skill and enjoyment of maths.

Front of House and Marketing:

During my time in the Programing and Marketing office, I was granted the opportunity to work with Front of House. I laminated seat reservations, notices etc for Vogue Ball (Queer Contact)-I also helped prepare for a meeting. Due to preferring organized environments, I quite enjoyed this (this was an important job due to helping guests avoid reserved seats). I completed e-flyers and infographics, I enjoyed this due to having a lot of creative control, as well as thinking about social media and target audiences.

Overall Opinions:

Overall, being able to work in this environment was really informative. Knowing and witnessing how much work goes into a production is an amazing thing to see. I’d recommend completing your own work experience at Contact due to the amount of jobs and opportunities available in the 2 weeks.