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From 15-18th February at 5pm each day we’ll be inviting sex educators and queer speakers from across the UK to run a series of discussions at Contact as part of our Queer as F**k programme.

As part of Queer Contact 2022, Contact are running a new after-school club for queer young people (coming after work or from home is also allowed!). 

This year, our club meetings will be a chance to talk and think about sex education, queer sexuality, and being your LGBTQ+ self. 

Queer sex education was a theme suggested by our young people’s steering group. Until 2003, the Section 28 law prevented schools from teaching that homosexuality was acceptable. In 2020 sex education finally became a compulsory part of the curriculum. But we know from the young people we work with at Contact that lessons are often still patchy, awkward, and very heteronormative. People leave school with a lot of questions, which continue into adulthood. 

From 15-18th February at 5pm each day we’ll be inviting sex educators and queer speakers from across the UK to run a series of discussions at Contact. After each event, we’ll host a workshop that expands on the themes of our discussion in a creative way. Join us for zine making, portrait drawing, group singing, and swap shopping that’s all queer as f**k.

These events are designed to be safe and suitable for people aged 14 and up – but they’re open to anyone aged 30 and under who has questions to ask or wants to think about these things. Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing our full speaker line-up. 

Tuesday 15th – Queer as…the curriculum 

Join us for a panel discussion exploring the history of sex education, the situation right now, and how we can do it better – with speakers including Ruby Rare, Rosy Pendlebaby and the LGBT Foundation. Then sit down with a zine from our pop-up 101 Queer Zines library, and make a zine of your own with the Drawn Poorly team. 

Book your free tickets here.

Wednesday 16th – Queer as…the body

Today’s talk explores body neutrality and self-acceptance – how can loving our own skin help us have healthy relationships (including our relationships with ourselves)? At 6pm, the amazing Body Love Sketch Club host a portrait drawing workshop with a difference – come to draw, to be drawn, and to celebrate your body. 

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Thursday 17th – Queer as…saying yes 

Thursday starts with a workshop exploring consent, and the importance of informed consent to relationships of all kinds. Afterwards take a chance to sing, shout, and find your voice with a choir session full of queer anthems and protest songs. LGBT Foundation will be back with a pop-up stall that’s your one-stop-shop for sexual health information (including questions you might feel shy to ask).

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Friday 18th – Queer as…expressing yourself

Our last club meeting of the festival will focus on the intersection of gender and sexuality. The week will end with a Pick Your Own Style Adventure workshop from G(end)er Swap, providing a space to experiment with new clothes, think about your personal style, and explore the things that make you feel euphoric. 

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Content warnings

Because the workshops and panels will be discussion based, including audience questions, it’s not possible to say fully what topics will be covered in each. Contact staff members will be present at all events and have received trauma-informed training and safeguarding training to help them support anyone dealing with difficult and distressing issues, or who may need a moment to talk and reflect on content covered in the sessions. 


This image is by Manuel Vason and was created in collaboration with Contact’s Re:CON programmers to commemorate protests against the Section 28 law repealed in 2003.