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The Contact box office is full of talented artists in their own right, and we wanted to showcase what they are most passionate about. This week we’re spotlighting avid podcaster Bridget Mulroy. Here's what Bridget has to say:


Before starting a day’s work at the Box Office in Contact, you will most likely find me walking to work with my headphones in, brows furrowed in concentration or having a good chuckle. That is because I will be listening to a podcast, I absolutely love ’em’. I grew up in a house where Radio 4 was pretty much a constant background noise, and it turns out that shockingly, a teenager can get bored of hearing the Archers Omnibus on repeat. So, when I was introduced to the world of Podcasts and discovered that there was a library of opinion, information and entertainment at my fingertips, I jumped ear first into anything that caught my eye…. first stop: “My Dad Wrote A Porno”.

Aside from delving deep into a subject I feel connected to, I am drawn to the authentic nature of podcasts. I often find that the world that exists on my phone generally leaves out the good stuff. Instead of soaking in click-bait content which often confirms my own opinion, podcasts offer up a version of a world that is authentic, not driven by capital or politics but fuelled by the human experience in all of its messiness and beauty. It’s a place I go to, to connect with people whome I often disagree with.

As an avid fan of the medium, I was hesitant in creating my own podcast, my concerns being that I would not be worthy to join the long line of creatives I had admired for so long, but I suppose this podcast has been many years in the making. If I am drawn to the world of the podcast, I might belong amongst it somewhere too.

person with light skin and long brown hair in dungarees and a white tee smiling in front of a pink wall

I Could Be Your Grandma

Me and my husband have created a podcast called “I Could Be Your Grandma”. Please join us along our journey as we discuss everything your grandparents didn’t have to consider and everything you wouldn’t want your grandparents to know about. We delve into what it means to be a fresh mid-twenties married couple living the lives of two 80-year-olds.

If you fancy supporting my new project, you can follow us on all media platforms and subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking here

I Could Be Your Grandma logo, with yellow background and illustration of two older people with grey hair

Here are some of my favourite episodes from my favourite podcasts!

  1. Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour – Episode 64
  2. This American Life – ‘No Coincidence, No Story’
  3. The CrabFeast – Episode 297 with Steve Cantwell
  4. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown – ‘Tarana Burke and Brene on Being Heard and Seen’
  5. Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel – ‘If I Quit, What Will People Say?’


Bridgets’s choice

Excited to be working at the box office for Queer Contact next February in what is set to be an amazing couple of weeks, Bridget’s show of choice would be Pecs: Kings of the North Drag King Cabaret extravaganza on 11 February 2021. She’d also recommend booking your tickets to BAC Beatbox Academy: Frankenstein which comes to Contact 11 – 14 May, If you’re interested in seeing how music and beatbox can be merged together with theatre.