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Throughout 2020, we're been engaging with young people both online and in person (where restrictions allow) to gain skills in music-making and production.

We have been able to deliver three music-themed projects this year.

A group of young people took part in Level Up Online. They worked with Contact staff, freelancers and guest artist/speakers to make solo and group projects during lockdown, before being able to move to recording in our Media Lounge. The Media Lounge has been newly-refurbished, thanks to support from the public for our recent fundraising campaign.

The media lounge also hosted Music Drop, teaching key musical skills, and Studio School. Studio School is a new project for Contact, working with students outside of mainstream education and helping them learn through creative media and arts.

We asked our three freelance facilitators, who have been leading workshops during the year, how the projects have gone.

Studio School

“Facilitating the Studio School has been an amazing journey, working with young people from all over Manchester during these difficult times and experiencing them access the Studio School has been heartwarming and a joy to be a part of.” – Hamdi Hassan

Level Up

“Level Up has given me the opportunity to work alongside some incredibly exciting artists, musicians, and producers. Getting the privilege to see into their creative processes and help guide them towards releasing music has been a great experience so far, and I am particularly excited to see how everyone’s EPs develop” – Tom Burford

Music Drop

“This term has been a blessing in many ways, it’s been great to be able to do some face to face sessions in a period of time where everything is virtual. It’s been a pleasure working with a smaller group of participants which has allowed more focused work. Being in the building and having a sliver of normalcy has been amazing. The young people have said really appreciated the access to the facilities in these tricky times.” – Charlotte Barber


A school student using a music programme on a computer in the media lounge

Learning music programmes as part of Studio School.

Projects in 2021

We’re excited to announce a new music project coming in 2021. Band school is an innovative way of learning to play and record musical instruments. It is currently for young people aged 11-18 years old, and starts Saturdays from Saturday 16 January. You’ll need to sign up before Tuesday 5 January, and you can find sign-up details and more information here.

You can also sign up to 2021 Music Drop sessions here.