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Following the completion of our building work, we're aiming to raise £20,000 this autumn to bring our building to life and make a new home for emerging creatives from across Greater Manchester


What are we fundraising for?

Part of the money raised will go towards completing a  purpose-built recording studio for young people’s music and media projects. The new music studio will double the size of the previous one and will be fully soundproofed and technically equipped for the first time in its history. This will enable even more young people to take part in free music workshops and develop their talent with professional musicians.

This space will available both to participants in projects such as Level Up and Studio School, as well as  to other people in our local community. We have continued to run online courses for budding musicians throughout lockdown, and the finished studio will let participants complete the songs and works that they have been creating at home.

Donating £20 will buy a mic stand, and donating £100 will put a microphone in that stand, which will allow the voices of young people across Greater Manchester to be heard.

The fundraiser will also go towards properly fitting out our new rehearsal studio. This is where Contact Young Company will create new performances and shows, and other artists can rehearse and hold showcased. This month, our seed-commissioned artists Adam Ali and Miray Sidhom have both used the space while devising their new shows.

The funds will also help finish our Arts, Health and Science space, the first of its kind in a UK theatre. It will bring young people, artists, healthcare professionals and scientists together to research and explore issues relating to young people and local communities, informing arts and wellbeing projects and future theatre productions.

Matt Fenton, Chief Executive and Artistic Director at Contact said: ‘It’s vital we’re able to welcome young people back safely to our building this Autumn. For the price of a few drinks, you can make a real difference to the creative life of a young person in Greater Manchester. Please help us raise £20,000 to kit out our spaces by the end of the year, and continue to support young people from all backgrounds to stay active and stay creative.’

Fikayo Falade, Contact Young Company member said: ‘ Contact is an amazing place that has helped me to grow as a person, develop new skills and make friends. They have never once asked me for a penny, and I’ve done so much there. Please support this campaign to help the next generation of artists and performers.’

Watch our fundraising film and donate to our appeal here.

Upper foyer of Contact Theatre