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My name is Mila Patel, and I have spent a week of work experience at Contact, which I have really enjoyed. I have experienced many jobs that come together to make the shows that we see, and all the hard work that goes behind them. After being in Creative development, Finance, Programming and Marketing departments, I have also had the opportunity to see what else has to be done outside the office which I found particularly enjoyable.

A highlight of the week for me, has been finding costumes and props for the performers of the Contact show, She Bangs the Drums, as I have never had to find 20 white t shirts in Primark before, or pick out suitable skirts for the 1918 time period, which was actually really fun. Also I had the opportunity to meet with the stage manager as well as being with Keisha, the producer of the show.

I also particularly enjoyed being part of the Marketing department seeing how to make a press release as well as other enjoyable elements like writing postcards to send out with people’s tickets for the show, and even stamping the envelopes with the Contact logo! I got to experience people who would work in the box office, answering the phone to book tickets and working new software. I also felt like this is a particularly important role as it brings the audience to a show.

After spending a week at the Contact and meeting the staff who are all very friendly, I have definitely learnt lots that will stay useful to me, and have had a really fun experience.