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We caught up with Mika Onyx Johnson ahead of their long-awaited smash hit Pink Lemonade debut at Contact, to find out a bit more about the show. And we ask, what’s with the lemons?!

Pink Lemonade has had a sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe, a revival at the Bush Theatre and has been raved about by audiences and press alike. Now this “sexy, sweaty, and immersive” show comes to Contact this Tuesday 23 November – Saturday 27 November.

Read on to see what Mika has to say about their show Pink Lemonade.

For anyone that doesn’t know, could you introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Mika Onyx Johnson and I’m an artist. I make theatre, I write and sometimes I act.

Person with short black hair and denim sleeveless jacket singing into a microphone. Pink Background

PINK LEMONADE by Mika Onyx Johnson
Credit and copyright: Helen Murray

Pink Lemonade is autobiographical – why did you want to tell this story?

There are parts in Pink Lemonade that are based on my experience but not everything in the show is IRL Mika, the Mika in the show is a version of me, a character. I’ve allowed myself to create moments that aren’t 100% mine, I think it’s important for artists to protect themselves when they make work that comes from a personal place sometimes. I wanted to tell this story because I wanted to perform and so I had to give myself a platform. I think representation is important in all areas of this industry and I wanted other people who have a similar identity to me to be able to relate and be entertained, to be seen.

What are the most prominent themes within the performance?

Masculinity, sexuality and self-love

How did you get involved in theatre-making?

I was part of a young people’s theatre group in Nottingham back in the day, we would meet twice a week at an art gallery called The New Art Exchange, it was mostly black and brown kids and we would always devise work based on the exhibitions that were on at the time. We would make everything, I’m really grateful that my early experiences of what theatre can be was with that group.

What should the audience expect, and is there a message you want us to be left with?

The audience should expect to be entertained. The show is sexy, sweaty, and immersive. There are moments that are hard but the essence of the show is a positive one. I don’t like to tell audiences what they should feel when they watch my work but if anything I’d say learning to love yourself, I don’t think that journey ever has an endpoint.

How has Pink Lemonade changed since its sold-out run at Edinburgh Fringe?

The show has grown as I have, I have changed a lot over lockdown (physically and mentally too) In order for me to perform this work again I had to make changes to the script to honour myself and my journey but also being able to reflect on this time and knowing I had more to say.

What are your plans for the future of the show?

A TV series hopefully…….. who knows.

And finally… what’s with the lemons?!

This is the question I get the most about the show, honestly the lemons can symbolise whatever you want them to be, the obvious one is the reference to a lemon drop cocktail in the text but they do mean a number of other things to me….. I don’t like to give all the secrets away, wait and see…….. the mystery of the citrus fruit.

Person with short black hair, in sleeveless denim jacket, holding a lemon looking at it quizically

PINK LEMONADE by Mika Onyx Johnson
Credit and copyright: Helen Murray

Well, that’s it. We are officially counting down the days until we see those citrusy lemons on stage!

Pink Lemonade starts Tuesday 23 November until Saturday 27 November. If you haven’t already, you can book your tickets here.

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