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Find out more about Junior, the new Chair of the Contact Board

Junior Akinola

Age: 28

What you do for a living?

I’m an Assistant Content Producer at the BBC. I work in the Central Editorial team where we work across content of all genres for the BBC Homepage and the BBC Sounds app.

I’m also a writer and currently have a commission via New Creatives, which is in collaboration with BBC Arts and the Arts Council England.

How did you first get involved with Contact?

Growing up I lived not too far from the building, I actually had to pass the building every day on the way to high school, so naturally, my first interactions in my younger years came via attending workshops and seeing shows.

What happened next?

My involvement with the building stepped up significantly when I was 23, in 2015. I became a project manager in the creative development department, which alongside managing a lot of the participatory projects I lead on the Making Contact Project ( which was also associated with the capital bid.

What is your happiest Contact memory?

The day when we launched the Making Contact Project ranks highest!

Being able to lead on an epic project from the creative standpoint whilst working alongside a dedicated team of young people was a great experience.

Watching everyone’s skills develop to new heights as the project evolved and seeing our work premiered to a sold-out Space 1, plus the great response that it garnered always brings me great pride.

What made you apply for the position of Young Chair?

I felt I was ready for a step up to a senior role and I was looking for a new challenge so when I saw the role, not only did it fit that but being that it was at Contact presented the opportunity for a journey to come full circle for me.

What things do you want to see Contact do more of?

Eventually, when the pandemic subsides it would be great to see us at Contact utilise our new spaces to become the number one creative cultural hub where young people across the city can break bread, collaborate and build relationships that will ultimately boost the creative output in the city.

I want to see us push ourselves as far as local engagement, especially in the current times we’re in and do our part when it comes to boosting morale where we can citywide.

What three words sum up Contact for you?

Innovative, fearless, honest

Have a look at these fantastic photos of Junior taken by Drew Forsyth!



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