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We are pleased to announce we have recruited Pelumi Fatayo and Audrey Albert to take part in shaping our Manifesto of Care.

As many of you have seen, we have been creating a Manifesto of Care – a public statement of the beliefs and rules that should shape a caring arts institution.

The Manifesto will inform Contact’s vision and working practice, which we will then develop into a set of principles and rules for our caring institution. This will help us to better look after our staff, artists, young people, audiences and freelancers.

We recently held a call out for a young person to help us create and deliver this project and we’re pleased to announce we have recruited Pelumi Fatayo who will be joining the Creation of Manifesto Team.

In addition, Audrey Albert will be joining the team to create a piece of artwork based on the manifesto.

Scroll down to read more about Pelumi and Audrey. You can also find the Manifesto of Care page here, which we will be updating regularly with session times, call outs and the progress we are making.

Pelumi Fatayo

My name is Pelumi Fatayo and I am 20 years old. I am a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I study computer Science. I am a songwriter and I write poetry. I also manage a girl group called Symphoni and I am the co-founder of the creative collective called Creation Foundation, where we make socially conscious content, one of which I am on called Crisis Talk. Which is a podcast where we discuss, debate and dissect the issues affecting the black community.

Audrey Albert

Audrey Albert’s research-led practice enables her to consider and investigate themes of national identity, collective memory, displacement, tradition, and denial. Born in Mauritius, she studied Political Science with a specialisation in Media and Communication at the University of Mauritius from 2009 – 2013.

Audrey is currently based in Manchester after studying photography at the Manchester Metropolitan University between 2015 – 2018. Her main creative mediums are digital and analog photography. Audrey’s main body of work Matter Out of Place sheds a light on an unfair and shameful page of Mauritian and British history in which the entire population of The Chagos Archipelago was forcefully displaced from their homeland due to political agendas between 1968 – 1973. This photo series allows Audrey to investigate her own identity through her ancestors’ culture and history. It has been showcased in several exhibitions in Manchester (at The Holden Gallery and HOME respectively), Arles in France, Pingyao in China and in Audrey’s home country of Mauritius. Audrey is currently working on Chagossians of Manchester (CoM) which is an extension of Matter Out of Place. It is a socially-engaged art project by and for the forcefully displaced Chagossian community currently living in Wythenshawe. Her socially-engaged art project includes 4 intergenerational creative workshops which will culminate in a celebratory Chagos Day.