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Maia shares her experience working on 'I Read Me: More Black authors in schools'

In November you might remember we hosted a free event for families I Read Me: More Black Authors In Schools.

This was co-curated with 9 year old Maia and the event was inspired by her letter to her Headteacher, asking for her school to include more ‘Black books by Black authors’ in their reading lists and on the curriculum. (scroll down to watch Maia read her letter to her Headteacher)

Now Maia has had time to digest the event, we invited her to share with us her reflections on the event. As a theatre who puts young people at the forefront of everything we do, its a pleasure to have helped Maia to bring her idea to life and we look forward to all the brilliant things she will do next!

Maia Franklin

When I wrote my headteacher a letter about BLM on the last day of summer, I never in a million years thought it would come this far.

On November 28th I hosted my first ever event at Contact that was livestreamed across the world. (I know this because my Nanny watched from Aruba)

Were you scared?

I was absolutely terrified but excited when the authors came onto the call. The authors were very sweet and kind to me and soon I was not scared one bit. After a while of chatting to the authors we started the stream.

Were the authors as you imagined or different?

The authors were completely different to how I imagined . I have a wild imagination but I thought authors were strict but these authors were kind and funny and now I changed my mind and I think all authors are kind and funny.

What was it like having Olivia as a co – host?

Olivia as a co-host was amazing. I knew Olivia before the event and she is the funniest and nicest person I have ever met.  I love having fun with her and I meet her at other events because she works for Contact.

What is your advice for any other person who wants to be an activist for BLM?

Always stand up for what you believe in.

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