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We're in the mood for love...

We’re thrilled to be working with Fuel and Uninvited Guests to present a digital version of their 5* show, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart.

Performed live via Zoom to an audience of up to 90 (45 pairs) each night, the show will ‘visit’ 15 venues throughout the UK and beyond, landing in Manchester on 27 May at 7pm.

Directed by Paul Clarke and devised by performers Jess Hoffman and Richard Dufty, Love Letters is somewhere between a wedding reception and a radio dedication show. Before the performance, audience members are invited to send in music requests, dedications and declarations of love to those they care about past and present.

These words are incorporated into each performance; dedications are spoken, toasts are made, speeches are given, songs are sung and dances danced. Every performance of Love Letters is unique and collaboratively authored with its audience, who temporarily become a close community for the duration of the event.

Love Letters is a joyful, open-hearted show that will help people feel connected at a time when many are isolated and missing their loved ones.

First performed by Uninvited Guests in 2007, it was a critical hit and played to audiences at over 30 venues including Southbank Centre, RSC Stratford, Fierce Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tickets are free, donations are welcome. Book your tickets here.

This new digital version of Love Letters is a First Art commission.