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Beatboxing into May like a boss


This Thursday 4 June, alongside a guest slot from Basement Jaxx, Shlomo will be asking the audience to record and send in videos of themselves performing the Homeskool Beatbox Anthem you’ve collectively composed over the past few weeks. This needs to happen on the day (either during the show, or straight after) and so Shlomo is asking you to have the following five items ready:

  1. A second device to film yourself on during the show

  2. Headphones/earphones

  3. A baseball cap or cool hat

  4. Sunglasses

  5. A mascot or pet

Homeskool Beatbox Adventures

We’re delighted to be partnering up with world renowned beatbox champion SK Shlomo to bring the art of beatboxing into your living room, every Thursday at 2pm.

Homeskool Beatbox Adventures is a weekly, livestreamed interactive show for kids and their families to find their true voices and create their own music.

The episodes will be streamed live from our Facebook page at 2pm every Thursday.

Each week you can learn new vocal skills from SK Shlomo, the critically acclaimed world-champion beatboxer who has previously collaborated with Bjork, Ed Sheeran and Lily Allen, played at Glastonbury and broken world records.

Inspired by the success of his critically acclaimed tour show, Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventures For Kids,  we’ll be teaching kids how to become Superstar Beatboxers. The lessons are free, but Shlomo is aiming to raise £2500 for NHS Charities Together.

Each week SK Shlomo will set families creative challenges to raise money by sharing performance videos of their new skills using the hashtag #beatboxadventures.

Over the course of the 6 weeks, the Homeskool Beatbox Adventures community will create an anthem of our own, with a music video featuring hundreds of families worldwide singing, beatboxing and performing together to celebrate music and to support frontline NHS workers.

“It’s a show about believing in yourself.” says Shlomo “Finding confidence in your own voice is extremely empowering. That’s even more important when so many of us are feeling disconnected – we don’t know how we can help the world. This project can bring people together, connect the world up and raise funds.