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Ad Infinitum have the habit of raising really important questions. Examining socio-political themes their shows bring often difficult issues into focus.

As we gear-up to present the final UK performance of Ad Infinitum’s No Kids, we’ve enjoyed reading what, real-life couple, George Mann and Nir Paldi said to The Stage about what to expect.

“Each show” Mann says, “has its own kind of life and personality as if it is a baby”

“We know we are not making it easy for ourselves, but we are in it for the long game,” says Mann. “And there is something energising and exciting in always doing something a bit different that might be outside our comfort zone and that of the audience.”

Paldi adds: “We try never to be boring. It is getting harder to get people to turn off Netflix and leave the house.”

“It is very autobiographical,” says Mann, “but it has shifted since Edinburgh into something deeper. It is more about the desires a couple shares and those it doesn’t.” “It is much less nice and much more to the point. Angrier too.” Paldi adds.

Both of them see theatre as a form of activism and taking No Kids to the US later in the year to coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall riots feels important at a time when, as Mann says, “queer voices need to be amplified because of Trump and what’s happening in US politics and society”.

No Kids promises to be both a deeply personal story, about their relationship, and to open discussion about issues that concern society in general.

Read the full interview with The Stage here.


The Lowry Pier 8, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ
1 April

Should we have kids, or not? Together, George and Nir confront this chaos head-on. And invite you along for the ride.