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3 min read | Written by Bianca Danielle

Future Fires is a programme that supports young artists to develop a socially-engaged art project in their own community. During the twelve-month programme, Future Fires will receive high level training and mentoring to develop their creative practice, leadership and project management skills.

We are extremely proud to announce the 2020 group of Future Fires, who will be #SupportedByContact. Each of the group has also written a blog post for Contact about their project –  you can find these linked below.

Audrey Albert

Audrey is a photographer who is developing a project ‘Matter out of Place’. This will explore Chagossian Culture and history through a variety of social, practical and creative workshops for the Chagossian community of Wythenshawe in Manchester.

Read about Audrey’s project.

Jake Bowen

Jake is a comedian and theatre maker, developing a stand-up comedy project which will work with young males that have experienced the care and justice system.

Read about Jake’s project.

Kaoru Hove

Kaoru is a theatre maker and poet interested in forming a creative collective of artists who have been through the process of recovering from addiction. Kaoru aims to run a number of creative workshops, where artists will come and share their different artistic practice with each other, and work towards a final showcase.

Read about Kaoru’s project.

Neelam Mahmood

Neelam aims to give care leavers an artistic platform to have their voices heard, on issues that matter to them. Through a process of creative workshops, participants will gain a variety of artistic skills such as digital media, creative writing and painting. The project will build up to a final exhibition where the work and views will be given a public platform.

Read about Neelam’s project.

Alex Marrs
Alex is a photographer based in Oldham. He is on Future Fires to develop a photography, gardening and book binding project for those who are recovering from addiction. Through this, he aims to explore the importance of giving people an opportunity to connect and socialise with those in familiar positions, whilst highlighting the negative impact social isolation can have on the success of long term recovery.

Read about Alex’s project.

Hannah Weiner
Hannah is a working class theatre maker based in Urmston. Hannah is interested in developing a project which explores the concept of class and sustainability in their own community. Through this, Hannah aims to make theatre more financially accessible whilst highlighting the environmental impact many theatres have.

Read about Hannah’s project.

Jessica Wiehler

Jessica is a multi-disciplinary artist who aims to explore held assumptions on minimum wage work and how they impact those who experience it. By doing this, Jessica aims to highlight the injustice of wage inequality, wanting more transparency between employer and employee.

Read about Jessica’s project.


Keep an eye out for more info as each of the projects develop over the next year. It’s an exciting time at Contact and we cannot wait to see where their projects take them!

To read more about our Future Fires project and some of the past Future Fires projects click here.