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Pictures and memories of past Contact productions

A few weeks back, we shared some archive photos and memories from 2019’s Barber Shop Chronicles, which took place at The Royal Exchange Theatre as part of our Contact in the City programming, during our project to renovate and extend our own building. Today, we’re sharing a theatre piece from a very different Manchester venue.

In 2018, celebrations and cultural events took place all over Manchester, the North West and the UK to mark 100 years since Representation of the People Act (1918) passed into law, bringing with it full voting rights for men, and partial voting rights for women.

Not far from where the statue of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst now stands in St. Peters’ Square, Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum hosted a whole new production from our own Contact Young Company. She Bangs the Drums explored Manchester’s rich local history of political and social changes.

This immersive show was created through a series of workshops in partnership with the People’s History Museum, resulting in a set of sell-out performances that the Manchester Evening News called ”Cheeky, charming and incredibly poignant… …a celebration of women everywhere, past and present.’

We’re rummaged through our website to bring you this podcast about the making of She Bangs the Drums, including interviews with the cast members and discussions about the show.