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Amy Vreeke is well know for being open and honest, so we thought who better to dish out some top tips for all you students out there heading into Fresher's Week!

Stand-up comedian, Amy Vreeke, is an open book. Frank honesty and bluntly delivered jokes are her bread and butter. Clearly, there’s no-one better to dish out survival tips for all you students heading out for Freshers Week.

1. Look out for each other

You’ll meet your flatmates on your first day, make a pact with them, or at least one of them, to look out for each other through the week. Freshers Week is carnage and it’s good to know someone’s got your back if you drink too much or end up at a house party in Glasgow when you’re at uni in Exeter.

2. Stay hydrated

Drink water before you start the next session and during it! It’ll help you keep going and keep your hangovers a bit more manageable.

3. Call home

Check in with your family and friends back home. Freshers can be really overwhelming, it’s good to hear a friendly voice and talk about what you’ve been up to (maybe keeping certain deets to a minimum if you call your grandma.)

4. Eat and sleep

In the midst of all the partying and telling strangers ‘interesting facts’ about yourself at induction meetings, make sure you are fulfilling your basic human needs. Eat something green and sleep longer than 3 hours. You’ll thank me for this one when all your mates are going home for a few days by week 2 because they’ve got Freshers Flu.

5. Remember you have 3 more years

I mean this in two ways:

  1. When you’re out and you pull your flatmate and then his best mate, just remember you’ve got to live around these people for three more years. I’m talking from experience. Try not to make problems for yourself from the outset.
  2. If you’re feeling too tired or rough and you need to chill in and miss an event FOMO might hit hard, but you have 3 more years of these parties to fill your boots with. So take care of yourself!

So that’s Amy’s top tips for getting through Freshers Week and the first few week’s of uni. We just have one last tip for you, make sure you get to know your city and explore what’s on. Here’s a date for your diaries to get you started (seamless plug…)

The Year My Vagina Tried To Kill Me

2 + 3 October, 8.30pm
Martin Harris Centre (Uni of Manchester Campus)

Amy was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2016. Now she’s here to relive twelve years of misdiagnosis, toilet-based mishaps and failed one-night stands.


Part of SICK! Festival

Amy Vreeke