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Zora King represents the North West on the National Freelance Taskforce. Through her work, she is looking at the needs of artistic practitioners within the first 5 years of their careers.

The Early Career Artists and Practitioners Network

New and exciting developments have been in motion throughout the Early Career Artists and Practitioners (ECAPS) Freelance Task Force (FTF) working group.  

The Early Career Artists and Practitioners Network (Facebook group) which was created as a Networking platform for Freelance ECAPs within the Theatre and Performance sector, has now lifted off with 700 members and counting!

The Network is updated daily, with posts advertising development programs, commissions, training development opportunities and paid work. From everyone getting involved in the network, I can really feel a sense of community and support across the board, from all disciplines.  

Open Letter Update

In other news, the Open Letter for organisations and venues to support ECAPs is in its final drafting stages. After various drafts, going back and forth to our sponsor organisations and with the support from various established individuals within the industry, we aim to publish the letter over the next few weeks.  

Within the letter, we suggest that when signing, organisations comply with at least three points from the following categories:

  • Funding Commitments
  • Recruitment and Application Commitments
  • Better Practice Commitments
  • Support Commitments. 

Database for Opportunities

Another new development involves the creation of an ECAP Opportunities Database. The ECAP Opportunities Database will consist of an excel spreadsheet of ECAP development programs/schemes ran by various venues and organisations across the UK.  

This database aims to be a living document. It will allow and encourage ECAPs to add to the spreadsheet, and offer information ranging from the organisation’s application process to the contact details for enquires.

We are hoping that this database will evolve and grow over time, and that ECAPs utilise it when looking for various programs schemes to develop and grow in their own creative practice whatever that may be.  

Finally, keep an eye out on my social media platforms for updates on the Freelance Task Force, including the Freelance Task Force Website going live, ECAP Open Letter and the ECAP Opportunities Database. If you want to have a chat about anything FTF or ECAP related please get in touch!  



Twitter: @zorazelda_king 

Instagram: zorazelda.king 

FTF Twitter: @FreelanceTForce  

Take care, 

Zora x 

Background to the Freelance Taskforce

On Thursday 21 May 2020 a group of performing arts organisations, including producing companies and venues, jointly signed a letter in support of the freelancers who make up a large and vital part of the ecology of the performance sector.

Each organisation signing up to the letter has committed to paying a freelancer for one day a week throughout June, July and August to join the Freelance Task Force.

We are proud to be a signatory of this open letter to theatre and performance makers, alongside many of our peers across the UK. We fully support the creation of a #FreelanceTaskForce.

Read our open letter here.