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Zora King represents the North West on the National Freelance Taskforce. Through her work, she is looking at the needs of artistic practitioners within the first 5 years of their careers.

Since the last blog entry, there have been some exciting developments and conversations across the Freelance Task Force! As well as the ‘Early Career Artists & Practitioners Network’ Facebook group lifting off and now with over 300 members, there has been a clear development surrounding the drafting of an Open Letter in support of Early Career Artists and Practitioners (ECAP).  

The Open Letter

The ECAP Freelance Task Force representatives have been working on this Open Letter to ensure the argument is clear and concise. The suggestions of best practice and support for ECAP’s has come from the discussions and consultations that we have had with freelancers across our time on the Task Force.  

The Open Letter will consist of ‘Short Term: Immediately’ and ‘Long Term: Future’ suggestions for organisations and venues to adopt and adhere to, enabling them to support ECAPs in the best possible way. Suggestions include

  • Looking at the accessibility and transparency of their application processes for commissions
  • Providing networking events
  • Mentoring support schemes  

As well as the Open Letter, meetings with the Greater Manchester Artists Hub are in full swing, with the arrangements for the next meeting in process. This is not only a really exciting collaboration but an amazing opportunity to get some tangible action done and in motion, providing support to freelancers across the Greater Manchester area.  

On a broader Task Force note, the Freelance Task Force website is currently under construction. This will be a place for you to access all the work that members of the Task Force have completed. Each working group within the Task Force will have a page with links to the various surveys and documents created across the duration of the Freelance Task Force. Do keep an eye out for information regarding when that website goes live.  

Furthermore, the Creative Response Online Workshop that I facilitated on Thursday 30 July was an enlightening and refreshing space, allowing for creative ideas to flow! Within the session I provided the stimuli of ‘Empowered Artists’ which provoked a variety of responses. These ranged from a live clowning performance to a stage design and lighting mood board for a performance of an ‘Empowered Artist.   

More Creative Response Sessions

As the Creative Response session was such a success, I am planning to facilitate more! (Dates to be confirmed). Keep an eye out on social media platforms for more information. The format will be the same, where I provide a stimulus and you respond in any creative way you want!  

Another thing to note – the Freelance Task Force cannot achieve its full potential in creating change for freelancers, post COVID-19 without hearing from you. We need to hear what it is that you need to best support you and your recovery from the pandemic as a freelance artist, and in this case more specifically an Early Career Artist/Practitioner. 

So, if participating in a creative response session isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Just send me an email and we can have a chat – it’s as simple as that!  

To get in touch, please email me on  

Twitter handle for Freelance Task Force: @FreelanceTForce  

My Twitter handle for more information and Task Force updates: @Zorazelda_king  

Take care,  

Zora x 

Background to the Freelance Taskforce

On Thursday 21 May 2020 a group of performing arts organisations, including producing companies and venues, jointly signed a letter in support of the freelancers who make up a large and vital part of the ecology of the performance sector.

Each organisation signing up to the letter has committed to paying a freelancer for one day a week throughout June, July and August to join the Freelance Task Force.

We are proud to be a signatory of this open letter to theatre and performance makers, alongside many of our peers across the UK, and we fully support the creation of a #FreelanceTaskForce.

Read our open letter here.