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Manchester-based Dibby Theatre presents a community-led creative outreach project tackling HIV stigma and shame.

Theatre-maker and former CYC member Nathaniel Hall is the creator of the acclaimed solo show First Time. Now, he has developed a whole project of workshops, films and events. These aim to educate everybody – regardless of HIV status – on modern HIV healthcare and prevention, destigmatise attitudes to the virus and empower people to understand their role in contributing to the global aim of ending all new HIV transmissions by 2030.

We’ll be providing more updates on these events very soon.


Meet the people from Greater Manchester who are working to end HIV stigma and shame. HIV+Me will showcase three people living with HIV and their remarkable stories in three beautifully shot short films.


An upbeat workshop aimed at raising awareness of HIV healthcare, prevention and stigma through the lens of HIV activism. ACTUP+Live is a free virtual learning resource for schools and community groups that explores how everyday art and creativity has inspired radical social and political change.

In Conversation With… The Positive Speakers

Join the Positive Speakers from George House Trust for this stigma-smashing event. Hear their remarkable stories and ask all the questions you always wanted (but were too scared) to ask about HIV. Presented on World AIDS Day Tuesday 1 December 2020.