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Ben Stevenson-Langley joined us at Contact for 2 weeks of Work Experience this February. Here's his reflections on his time here.

I came to work at Contact for work experience as I thought it would give me an idea of what it’s like behind stage and the media, and it did! I now have a better idea of what it is like to work in a professional theatre.

Before I came I didn’t think there would be much to do but I was wrong, I found it really intriguing. I learnt a lot and found it really fun, for example in the marketing department we learnt about their posters and how they create them. We then made one ourselves and it was really interesting. There were many things to do so I was never sat bored waiting for a new task.

I found out that at Contact they allow you to complete your Arts Award which I was really happy about as the arts awards are really good on your CV.

We took part in many meetings which were really good for a better understanding of what projects Contact was putting on. The workers at Contact are really friendly and they were always here to help when I was stuck on a task. We got to go to Finance, Business and Production meetings which I was surprised about as they are usually only for certain people but it turned out I got to experience it and I found them interesting. They let me say my ideas so I got to take part in it which made me feel important!

We also got to try activities they do for actors/future actors for example Young Identity which was really fun and interesting. In these activities I learnt new techniques in drama and how to make a performance from topics in a short space of time and got to meet really friendly people.

I enjoy acting and want to pursue it as my career in the future so working at Contact for Work Experience was really helpful to me and I would recommend it if you want a career in the arts.