Creative Experts at Contact are a group of young professional facilitators, performers and consultants from across Greater Manchester, trained at Contact. They provide services that can help your business through providing fresh, innovative solutions - through training, workshop/away-day facilitation, mentoring, conference enhancement and role-play/dramatising.

Creative Experts also work with local authorities and the education sector, using skills in live and digital art to create high quality, innovative workshops and participatory projects with local communities.

They have worked with the likes of Siemens, Virgin Trains, the BBC, Cisco, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council and University of Manchester.

    ‘Creative Experts are innovative, exploratory and refreshing… their purpose, vision and values marry exactly with those of our organisation: supporting outreach into our community and supporting enterprise and talent in Manchester.’

    Sue Bagguley, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Siemens


    • Not in my Honour with GMP

      Creative Experts teamed up with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and two schools, Manchester Grammar and Levenshulme High, to create a play that helps pupils understand honour based abuse: Not In My Honour.

      Working with 20 pupils from each school, Creative Experts created a play to be used as a teaching resource across the UK. Pupils aged 14-16 were involved in its creation, which involved exploring honour based abuse in different forms, from family acceptance of transsexuality to forced marriage.

      The play text is now used by GMP as a resource for schools and professionals working with young people to explore issues around honour based abuse. The script and other materials are available on the GMP website for anyone wishing to use it to download for free.

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    • Management Consultancy and Training with Siemens

      Creative Experts worked with the Customer First Department at Siemens to help senior managers tackle challenges around communication between teams.

      After a series of in-depth consultations with employees across the organisation, the Creative Experts dramatised the challenges and frustrations faced in their daily working lives. These anonymous voices were presented as monologues to a national conference of managers along with exercises, discussions and frameworks for tackling personnel challenges in a more nuanced and emotionally engaged way.

      Following the success of the event, Siemens commissioned Creative Experts to create HD ‘talking head’ films of the characters created that have since been used for training purposes across the organisation.


    Reverse Mentoring

    Reverse Mentoring offers a unique opportunity for company executives/managers and young emerging creative talent to co-mentor one another in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    wRap Up!

    A conference enhancement service with a difference. Engage delegates using live spoken word/rap artists to open, punctuate and close your conference/seminar. The highly skilled wRap Up! team tailor their performances to the most important themes of the day to spark inspiration and motivation in the room.

    Creative Solutions

    Use performance to give your conference or seminar a dynamic and engaging edge. Our established and highly skilled team of actor-facilitators will help you stage key information and messages in a fresh and lively way, and can even help facilitate discussion both in (and out) of character.

    Community Engagement

    Connect your business with the people that matter with Creative Experts. Bridge the gap between you and the communities you serve through a creative engagement programme developed and delivered by Creative Experts and Contact.

    Directing For Stage

    Our acting/directing for stage workshop offers a unique and affordable way to help your community theatre members grow in skill and confidence in acting on the small (or big!) stage.

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