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A work-in-progress performance, adapted for live streaming.
As darkness falls…
A lo-fi solo symphony of relentless movement and words about being a white son.
A sun of power and privilege, a son of divorce and addiction.

Will Dickie – White Sun

No lights. No music. No props. Moving. And speaking. And moving and speaking. And Skanking and moving and speaking. Some nodding. Pulsing. Also bopping. And shaking. And shaking shaking. Scrambling. And speaking. And pointing.

Pointing at the space when others see my face.
Pointing at addiction and how that makes us who we are.
Pointing at divorce and how that makes us who we are.
Pointing at Britain and old actors and privilege and how that makes me who I am.
Pointing at the Sun and speaking about white golden things.

Today, Britain continues to benefit from its colonial past. A nation passionately caught up with being right, being the exception to the rule, and making profit at any cost. Children of divorced parents are 50% more likely to develop mental health problems. Addiction is a primary cause of preventable death; ruining lives, and consuming vast amounts of medical resources.

Will is white, British, straight, and privately educated. He grew up in a wealthy suburb inside the M25 and now lives in a Victorian house in Liverpool. Divorced parents; addictions to food, exercise, and attention.
Is there a way of coming to terms with this identity, this past, and his privilege?
Any hope? Any space for a voice and moving body beyond a maelstrom of inequality?

Works Ahead is is Word of Warning’s annual sample of new performance. 2020’s edition was planned as a sited double bill from Will Dickie + Ross McCaffrey at NIAMOS on 21-22 May in partnership with Contact. Will has adapted his work for live streaming; Ross has postponed sharing his work until it can be shown to a physical audience.

Date Time
Friday 22 May 2020
9pm Sold out