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About HAF presents Summer Holiday Club

A young person sits in a rehearsal room reading a script on their knees

Come and join us for two weeks of movement, food education and creative activities at Contact!

Come and dive into a range of activities including dance, music, drama, podcasting and much more to experience!

Summer Holiday Club is FREE and suitable for 11-16 year olds.

Our friends at ARMR Store will be providing a hot, nutritious, and healthy meal for every participant to keep you energized and ready for all the creative fun every single day!

Only 30 spaces available so book your spot now!

Instructions for Booking...

All bookings must be made through the MCRactive website.

The Booking Code for Summer is: 64894

To become a MCRactive member please register here.

*Please note all sessions are restricted by age so you will have to register yourself and your children on to the same account.

To book a session direct with a provider, you can do so here.

  • Search by provider
  • Enter Providers Name – which in this case is ‘Contact’
  • Set travel parameters
  • Click organised classes and then view as a list

Book a session within a close Proximity to yourself here.

  • Search by Category
  • Select MCR Holiday Activity
  • Set travel parameters
  • Click organised classes and then view as a list

PLEASE NOTE- The system will only show sessions 6 weeks in advance, for further bookings please log back in at a later date.

If you are having issues booking a session please follow the troubleshoot below.

Overview and FAQs

  • Multi Party booking is now available, you can book in more than one person in each session.
  • Confirmation email will be sent for all bookings (If no confirmation is received your booking is not complete and you may need to use the MCRactive app or allow your phone to allow pops ups)
  • Book now button will only show if you have people within the correct age parameter of the session.
  • The MCRactive webpage has site assist built into it to assist your needs and make our website accessible (including change of language, colour schemes, font sizes)

Unable to complete booking (or no confirmation received)

  • If this is the case, please check your internet settings on your computer or smartphone.
  • If you have pop ups blocked this will prevent you from completing the booking.
  • You can unblock pop ups or download the MCRactive Go app, on the app you will not come across this.

Book now booking disappears (or does not show)

  • All our sessions have age/gender validation
  • If the book now button is not showing or if it disappears, please check you have members on your account that matches the age/gender validation
  • Parents/carers will not be able to book a child’s session unless the child is added to the count and meets the validation requirement.
  • You can add a family member to your account when you log in under >Settings >Family Account > Add New family Member
  • Although if a session becomes full the book now button will also disappear.

Need assistance with booking/ Accessibility

  • The MCRActive website has a function in the top right corner called Site Assist
  • Here you can change the website language to over 200 different Languages.
  • This function Will also read the website out to you in over 75 languages
  • Here you can change the Font and colour of the webpage if this supports you,
  • Plus much more…

Email/ Password not recognised for Residents

  • Make sure you are logging on to the McrActive website
  • Please do not copy and paste your email into this box, this sometimes adds an extra space at the beginning or end of your email which creates a validation issue.
  • Please do not select your email from your phone if it has stored it, this sometimes adds an extra space at the beginning or end of your email which creates a validation issue.
  • Please select forgotten password, you will receive an email with a password reset link. (This may land in your junk/spam mailbox)

Dates & times