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An immersive, interactive journey through domestic spaces under transformation, played-out in an empty row of houses set for demolition and regeneration.

The artistic team from Sao Paulo and Manchester, responsible for one of Contact’s most unforgettable site-specific experiences (Memoria da Chuva, 1830s Warehouse, MOSI),  returned to conduct a voyeuristic investigation of how we live and who we are on a local Brunswick housing estate close to Contact.

Audiences explored the empty housing units, haunted by the memories, traces and objects of lives that have moved on.

The Shrine of Everyday Things peeled back the wallpaper, pulled the rug from under your feet and put the kettle on. Think Coronation Street meets David Lynch.

Winner of a Manchester Theatre Award 2016.

    The Shrine of Everyday Things is a remarkable piece of work. That it is also site-specific, and devised, and made with the Young Company, and led by international artists, and put in non-traditional theatre spaces, and a part of the community, all just adds to the feeling that this really is a very real part of the future of theatre.

    Andrew Haydon, Postcards from the Gods

      Intelligent, beautifully designed theatre that encourages us to answer today’s important questions.  A truly memorable site-specific experience.

      Quietman Dave


      Created by Contact Young Company, Lowri Evans, Rodolfo Amorim and Renato Bolelli Rebouças.

      Produced by Contact.

      Supported by S4B Housing, Manchester


      Directed by Lowri Evans, Rodolfo Amorim and Renato Bolelli Rebouças

      Assistant Director: Jamil Keating

      Producer: Keisha Thompson for CYC