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By Toni-Dee Paul. A Contact and hÅb Works Ahead 2017 Commission.

Toni-Dee is a Leeds/Manchester-based theatre maker, writer and performance artist whose body of work explores identity politics, memory and culture.

Exploring home-cooked food and family trees, whilst delving into the stories that unfold in her father’s kitchen, the show examines the meaning of home, whilst reflecting on an empire’s history and Caribbean migration of the 1950s.

“The Black British identity is endlessly complex. A combination of adaptation, absorption, and integration means our culture is never static, and is always shifting.”

    The communal sharing of food nourishes intimacy, as does Paul’s infectious warmth.

    Exeunt Magazine

      Wonderfully poetic

      Quietman Dave


      Written and performed by Toni-Dee Paul
      Dramaturgy: Matt Fenton and Peader Krik


      Commissioned by Contact and hÅb
      Developed as a Divergency micro-commission with support from hÅb + STUN