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An Eggs Collective and Contact Co-production.

You know what we always say, better out than in…

Pinned on the arse-end of a night out, Get A Round is a show with lipstick on its teeth and Wotsits on its face. A wayward exploration of friendship, kindness and belonging that spills out towards its audience. In a world that’s going to the dogs, Eggs Collective wonder if the basic principles of a good night out might make the world a better place. Smart and energetic, entertaining and political, this is a piece of theatre that warms hearts and reeks of Blossom Hill.

In 2017 Eggs Collective produced Get A Round for BBC TV broadcast as part of the #PerformanceLive strand of programmes, and returned to the Edinburgh Festival for another run of performances.

Eggs Collective are a Manchester-based trio making sharp, fun, culturally-observational performance that falls somewhere in the cracks between theatre and cabaret. They emerged from Contact Young Company, and Get A Round has been performed over 60 times at theatres, festivals and pubs around the country.

    Raucous, joyful abandon.

    The Guardian


    Commissioned by Contact.
    Developed with public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.