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Below are all the currently known triggers for the upcoming season.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we want to give you the most complete information we can about our shows at Contact.

You can find details below for any known potential triggers and themes. However, for some of the shows we produce we can only finalise all of the content and technical parts of the production (such as lighting and sound effects) shortly before the first performances.

Here are currently known triggers for our upcoming performances and please check back close to the opening for each show for an updated list of potential triggers.

If you have any concerns please call Box Office on 0161 274 0600 or email us:


This show contains strong language.


Hear Me Now

Contains audience interaction.

This show may contain strong language, and references to violence, death, mental illness, abuse, and addiction.

May contain sexual references.


Spoken Movement: Family Honour

This show contains depictions of mental health illness, abuse and death.

This production contains the threat of violence and psychological abuse.


Not Your Circus Dog: Not F**kin Sorry

This show contains sexual content, strong language, nudity, audience interaction, depictions of mental illness, abuse. 

Health warning: Contains haze/smoke.


Roma Havers: Lob

This show contains references to abuse, homophobia and sexual violence. 


With My Ear to The Wall

One audio piece contains references to suicide attempts, and this audio piece contains a trigger warning. 

Suitable for all ages!

Amy Vreeke: Glowing

This show contains strong language, and depictions of mental illness. 

Contains references to blood/gore. 

This show contains minimal audience interaction. 


Pigfoot: Hot in Here

This show contains strong language, discussions of death and racism. 

Contains depictions of mental illness. 

Health warning: Strobe lighting 


20 Stories High: Touchy + Anthology

Contains audience interaction. 

This show explores themes of consent.  

This show contains strong language and references to racism. 

Health warning: May contain haze/smoke. 


Lava Elastic

This show contains references to sexual content.


Demi Nandhra: The Trauma Show

This show may contain references of abuse and suicide. 

Health warning: May contain haze/smoke. 


Half Moon: Daytime Deewane

This show contains references to sexual content, strong language, homophobia, racism. 

This show contains depictions of mental health.  


Split Britches: Last Gasp

This show contains strong language, and mentions of death, grief, loss, end of life, and the end of the world.