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Below are all the currently known triggers for the upcoming season.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we want to give you the most complete information we can about our shows at Contact.

You can find details below for any known potential triggers and themes. However, for some of the shows we produce we can only finalise all of the content and technical parts of the production (such as lighting and sound effects) shortly before the first performances.

Here are currently known triggers for our upcoming performances and please check back close to the opening for each show for an updated list of potential triggers.

If you have any concerns please call Box Office on 0161 274 0600 or email us:

CYC: Everything All of the Time

Age Guidance: 12+


Anthology of Joy



Black Gold Arts Festival



Ergon Theatre: The Wicked Problem

Age Guidance: 15+

Content warnings: References to; loss of habitat and homes and climate refugees.

Trigger warnings: This production focuses on issues of the Climate Crisis and so we want to give a trigger warning for climate grief.


The Queer House: Pink Lemonade

Content warnings: Strong language, homophobic language used, and homophobic lyrics appear in a song that is played, explicit descriptions of sex and miming of sexual acts, misgendering and deadnaming, reference to hard drug use

Allergy warning: there will be lemons on stage

Age Guidance: 14+


Dibby Theatre: First Time

Content warnings: Scenes of recreational drug use, strong language and references to sexual grooming

Health warnings: Includes strobe light and use of sudden loud sounds

Age Guidance: 14+


House of Ghetto presents The Black Pride Manchester Vogue Ball

Age Guidance: 18+


eight-freestyle: Dick Whittington and His Cat



News News News

Age Guidance: 11+


BAC Beatbox Academy: Frankenstein

Age Guidance: 12+

This show has very loud music.


mandla rae: as british as a watermelon

Content warnings: Discussion of trauma, reference to sexual assault, child abuse, suicide, reference to border police and discussion of asylum, racism.