Are you: Aged 16-­21? Living in Greater Manchester? A singer or musician, an aspiring journalist, someone with a hidden talent…or just someone with a story to tell?

This new performance will draw on the skills and life experiences of the cast – that could be YOU! Send a 2-­3 min video or recording showing us what you can do by Monday 3 June 2019.

Auditions will take place at Millennium Powerhouse, Moss Side on 12 and 13 June. This is not The X Factor. This is not a regular talent show. This is an opportunity to tell us what music means to you. It’s not a play. It’s not a gig. It’s also both of those things.

You will receive £210 for participation in the project, plus Per Diems of £25 for each of the 5 rehearsal and performance days to cover travel and food.

Rehearsals: Monday 30 September, Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 October

Performances: Thursday 3 & Friday 4 October

A collaboration between Belgian arts centre CAMPO (Before Your Very Eyes, Next Day, Five Easy Pieces), SICK! Festival and Contact.

If you are interested, please email your videos and recordings to: Zoe Martinez – With the subject: Wild Life FM

Application By: Monday 3 June 2019

NB: You will need to be 16 years old or older on the date of the audition.

About Wild Life FM

In Spring 2016, Pol Heyvaert, Kim Noble and Jakob Ampe and ten young singer-­songwriters aged 15 – 22 created Wild Life. Developed organically from the lives of the performers, the songs that they write and what science tells us about how teenagers’ brains work, this theatre piece uses original music and everyday sound bites as a  backdrop to expose the stark truths about being young in 2016, and about the complex teenager’s mind and the influence of (mainly sad) music.

Wild Life is genre-­ defying, boundary-­ busting and the most innovative work I have seen so far this year. (…) In a refreshing, amusing and fun concert like no other they present a narrative about making a show about themselves and in doing so perform their reflective, angry, joyful and original songs about their young adult lives in the contemporary world.”
Eastern Daily, 20 May 2016

Wild Life was the catalyst for a deeper conversation between Pol Heyvaert and Kim Noble, it was as if this creation exposed a much bigger potential, which both Pol and Kim are now ready to tackle.

In 2019, a new version, Wildlife FM, will be created for Manchester, and co-­‐presented by SICK! Festival and Contact. Funny, beautiful, angry and painfully honest, Wild Life FM will explore the lives of young people and the universal experience of how music makes you feel – all within the frame of a live radio show, created for a live (theatre) audience.

Kim Noble will explore the worrying aspects of teenagehood with them. Jakob Ampe will work with them on music. Pol Heyvaert directs.