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YEAR 3 featured 3 POINTS basketball project, BOUNDLESS BOOKS, a book-share and writing programme for young people in care, and AMPLIFY, a new music platform.


Three points is a sporting project based in Manchester, designed to use basketball to bring different communities and groups of teenagers together.

The main objective of the project is to increase mobility between teenagers from different geographical locations and backgrounds.

3 Points aims to achieve a form of community cohesion by running one day long basketball events in three regions of Manchester.

Events are focused equally on the sporting and socializing aspects, by allocating recreation time before, between and after the matches that encourage all participants to get to know each other away from the court and away from their phones.

Since completing their first tournament, 3 Points have been awarded further funding by UnLtd and secured a residence partnership with The Factory Youth Zone where they are continuing to hold 3 tournaments a year to a growing audience and participants from across Greater Manchester

Twitter: @3PointsMCR



Boundless Books encourages looked after young people to get excited about reading and writing through the giving of a personalised gift. The gift contains a book chosen especially for the participant based on their general interests, a personal letter and a bespoke correspondence pack containing fun stationery, stickers, pens and stamps. Participants are twinned with another participant according to their interests and are encouraged to share their experience of the book using the correspondence pack.

The letter writing will be confidential and all letters that are sent between children will be first set to a central location, which will then post the letters to the recipient.

Boundless Books invites participants of any gender, aged 13-16, who are currently residing in residential care homes. The project is free of charge to all participants.

Following their successful pilot project, Boundless Books have been awarded further funding from UnLtd to help grow the project further, enabling them to reach more young people in care.



It’s more than music. It’s a statement.

Amplify’s objectives focus around bringing out the identity of young people through creative musical reflection, strengthening the voice of the young, helping young artists get into the musical industry, and in addition changing the sometimes negative societal perspective on music and young people.

The mission of Amplify is to offer a platform to the young artists in Manchester, by inspiring them to create their own music which is truly reflective of their identity.

Amplify works with young artists aged 13-17 with limited experience over a period of 3 months, under the aid of established artists through creative workshops to help these young artists discover their distinct style. The culmination of this work will see the production of an EP that will ultimately be showcased in a private and public launch.

Since delivering their first cycle of work, Amplify secured a further £3000 in funding from UnLtd allowing them to deliver a bigger and better version of the project that included the production of a full length album in Manchester’s Blueprint Studios and a series of live events.

Continuing their relationship with UnLtd the Amplify team secured £2500 in funding to develop an underused space in the community and transforming it into a workable studio space for their work beginning in the summer of 2018.

Twitter: @amplifymcr