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We won’t get your access requirements perfect. Access is really complex, it’s a relationship and so we ain’t gonna get that totally right on the first attempt.

We are disabled-led, we are really experienced at working around our own mental health so we know for ourselves as people with fluctuating minds and bodies that it is always a conversation.

That said… here is what we are putting in place around the vibes of the event, and also what the building has! 

To the practicals. 

  • All rooms are well-lit. 
  • There will be a soft room, a place to lie down and be away from busier or noisier activities. This may be somewhere you would like to go if your anxiety is high, or you are overstimulated. 
  • We ask everyone not to wear any kind of strong scents or perfumes. 
  • Trigger warnings can be really helpful, please share, and don’t spill. 
  • There will be ‘don’t photography me’ stickers and we ask you not to post pictures or comments to social media without clear and active consent from everyone… not everyone wants their face or voice out there. 
  • Free tea, coffee and food – vegan, veggie and gluten-free options.
  • There is flat access to all floors
  • We are using many spaces in the building with lots of participants – things like BSL, captioning – or anything requiring paying extra people with specific skills – it would be really helpful to know, we have budget, but not enough to provide all forms of access in all rooms all the time. We don’t like this, it’s ableist, pants pants pants

Safer spaces boundaries.

Yo, we’d love it if you could read these before attending. 

  • Ableism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, or prejudice based on ability, asylum status, class, ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, nationality, or religion is not welcome here.
  • Each of us has different physical and emotional boundaries that must be respected. Please get verbal consent before crossing these boundaries.
  • Be aware of the privileges you bring and how that may affect others.
  • Don’t make assumptions about the opinions of others or how they identify. Kindly ask first and then actively listen.
  • Make every effort not to judge, look down on or enter into competition with others.
  • Be aware of the language you use in discussions and how this relates to others.
  • Work together to foster a spirit of mutual respect: Listen to the wisdom everyone has to share.
  • Be kind with your words. Give generously to allow everyone time and space to speak and share their thoughts and ideas.
  • ‘Respect the person; challenge the behaviour.’
  •  The rules still apply if you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.