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We’re looking for a Freelance Production Manager to work with us on our pantomime Robin Hood in conjunction with Eight Freestyle Productions.

About the Role

eight-freestyle’s Robin Hood is a story of courage, friendship and bad puns. There’ll be plenty of laughs along the way as Robin joins forces with Maid Marion to thwart the Sheriff of Nottingham’s evil plans to kidnap the young Babes. This is a show that has it all: adventure, action, laughs, music, magic and men with mullets!

You will be required to attend a series of planning meetings in the lead-up to tech week, and onsite attendance for tech week scheduled for 4/12/2022-11/12/2022

Job Title: Production Manager

Salary: £750 per week

Total Salary: £1500

On-site Dates: From 4/12/2022 to 11/12/2022

Venue: Contact Theatre

Contract: Freelance

Main Liaison: Contact’s Production Manager, Director

Please Note: Flexible working hours are required.

Production Manager Responsibilities

  • Produce a detailed production schedule including a get-in and get-out with Contact’s Production Manager and relevant staff.
  • Attend all relevant planning meetings
  • Ensure the show site is fit for performance purposes and is safe for all staff and cast during the rehearsal and show period.
  • Work closely with the Director, Producer and Contact’s Production team to make decisions regarding set, lighting, sound, staffing and other aspects of the production and ensure these are within the production budget.
  • Arrange sound, lighting and set requests as needed.
  • Organise and oversee the get-in, production week, and get-out.
  • Maintain the production budget.
  • Liaise with any offsite partner to coordinate technical requests and storage arrangements.
  • Be familiar with and work in a manner that reflects Contact’s values.
  • Consider eco-friendly and sustainable options in lighting, prop sourcing and general production operations to support our Green Champions strategy.

How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter, and complete our Equal Opportunities Form at this link here, to

Deadline for submission of applications: 30/9/2022

The interview date will be arranged personally with candidates.

If you wish to discuss this opportunity further please contact:

Contact has a long-standing commitment to diversity in its programming, producing, staffing and community engagement. We actively seek applications from the widest range of people and from all sectors of the community. Candidates with a disability who meet the minimum criteria on the person specification will be guaranteed an interview.

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