Theatre Events

£13 FULL // £7 CONC.

Back by popular demand, CYC examine young people’s attitudes to sex, questioning myths and breaking down taboos.

Monday Drop


13 to 19? Interested in drama? Drop in!

KILN: Lady GoGo Goch

£11 FULL // £6 CONC.

Part-cabaret, part-gig, Lady GoGo Goch takes an affectionate look at stereotypes and icons from Cymru/Wales.

Shakespeare Schools Festival 2015

£10 FULL // £6 CONC.

Local schools celebrate Shakespeare with different abridged plays each night.

Ockham’s Razor: Tipping Point


Award-winning UK aerial theatre company Ockham’s Razor create original and ground breaking physical theatre.

Stacy Makishi: Vesper Time

£13 FULL // £7 CONC.

Meaningful, absurd, incredibly clever and witty – the return of Stacy Makishi.


£7 FULL // £4 CONC.

Ben Mellor hosts acts from the worlds of spoken word, live music, comedy, cabaret and performance.

Quarantine: Summer.

£14 FULL // £8 CONC.

There are things in life that you can’t rehearse for. Summer. looks at this very moment that we share together in a theatre.

Quarantine: Autumn.

£14 FULL // £8 CONC.

Autumn. is a feast of memory – the audience invited in to share a moment of reflection.

Quarantine: Winter.

£8 FULL // £5 CONC.

A delicate filmed portrait of an individual at the end of a life, Winter. is made with someone who knows that they’re dying.

Quarantine: Spring.

£14 FULL // £8 CONC.

Spring. is performed by a group of pregnant women – asking hundreds of questions about the future.

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