FS2014: Iron-Oxide - HeLa

FS2014: Iron-Oxide - HeLa


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In 1951 Henrietta Lacks walked into the coloured section of the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore with a pain in her abdomen. A biopsy revealed a cancer that would kill her just months later. A cell sample taken without her permission was used as the raw material for some of the most important scientific discoveries of the past 100 years.

Against a backdrop that charts the scientific milestones of the HeLa cell Line; this production seeks to bring Henrietta Lacks back to life, using testimony from her family members, the scientific community and the doctors that treated her.

HeLa is an engaging exploration of the vast scientific progress made possible by the cells of one, unknown woman.

Adura Onashile is a writer and charismatic performer with diverse experience in political, verbatim, site-specific and physical theatre. She has worked with companies including the National Theatre of Scotland, National Theatre, Urban Theatre Projects, Australia’s foremost site specific company, Chicago Shakespeare Company, St Anne’s Warehouse, The LIFT festival, The Clod Ensemble, Belarus Free Theatre and Vox Motus.



  • 'A shocking slice of shamefully hidden history...theatrically bold in the telling, with Onashile's heart-rending performance at its centre.' ★★★★ - The Herald


  • Suitable for over 12s.
  • Written and performed by Andura Onashile.
  • HeLa was part of the Made in Scotland Showcase 2013.
  • The development of HeLa has been supported by Creative Scotland, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Edinburgh Mela and the Arches and is part of the Made in Scotland Showcase. Additional thanks to National Theatre of Scotland.


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