CTW2012: Yard Youth Theatre and Moradokmai Theatre Community

CTW2012: Yard Youth Theatre and Moradokmai Theatre Community


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£10 FULL // £6 CONC.

This event has finished, tickets are no longer available.

Contacting the World 2012 is a pioneering international theatre exchange project for young people which involves youth companies from around the globe.

In a change to advertised listings, tonight's festival finale performance features:


The year is 2022 and the world has been consumed by the computer. It truly is the digital age. Mel is searching for her sister, once inside will she have the power to log off?

YARD Youth Theatre was established in 2008 and is based at New Art Exchange, Nottingham. YARD Youth Theatre is diverse, not only the makeup of its company but also in its unique approach to theatre.


Adapted from a traditional Thailand fable Sudsakorn Meets Seven Ghosts follows a prince’s quest to find his father with the aid of a half-dragon and his faithful horse. Along the way he encounters the seven ghosts of love, greed, anger, jealousy, illusion, revenge and lust.

Moradokmai Theatre Community are a performance troupe, who live, work and create theatre together as part of a 50 strong self-sufficient rural community, in Northern Thailand.

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