CTW2012:Boundless Productions (live) & Crown Troupe (film)

CTW2012:Boundless Productions (live) & Crown Troupe (film)


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£10 FULL // £6 CONC.

This event has finished, tickets are no longer available.

Contacting the World 2012 is a pioneering international theatre exchange project for young people which involves youth companies from around the globe.

Tonight's event features:


Why struggle when the fight’s never worth it? It’s time to listen, quiet the mind and explore the vast landscape of freedom. Flip the coin, see beyond the dark clouds and reach for the silver lining.

A fusion of dance, original music, acting, singing and much more from Boundless Productions, a vibrant collection of performance artists who are committed to honing their skills to create innovative new art.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to present a live performance from Crown Troupe. Instead, we will be screening a film of Crown Troupe's performance exploring the topic of struggle from both personal and public perspectives. Highlighting how challenges bring people together, especially in a world that pays so much attention to what divides us, Itiraka is a study of humanity.

Crown Troupe of Africa is a dance-theatre company of young artists who create new but socially relevant works.

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