AV Meditations Meets Global Bass/Sur Soul

AV Meditations Meets Global Bass/Sur Soul


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Cutting edge transnational sounds as musicians and visualists jam across continents as AV Meditations from CultureHub in New York meets Global Bass/Sur Soul at Contact in Manchester.

Featuring live performances from:
  • Drumscapes
  • The Universal Taal Project

Xtra ordinary league of musicians
  • Waqas Chaudhry (Bansuri/Flute)
  • Scott Kentell (Classic Spanish Guitar)
  • Lance Hulme (Sitar)
  • Kuldeep Singh (Tabla)

Come have a drink and enjoy an evening of live music and visuals across two cities.



  • Presented by Global Bass/Sur Soul, CultureHub, LaMaMa and Contact

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http://soundcloud.com/universaltaalproject/swager-remix-by-jake-knights http://soundcloud.com/jon-sterckx/sined http://soundcloud.com/universaltaalproject/01-track-1 http://soundcloud.com/jon-sterckx/rumble

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