R&D 2011

The Incident

A Playspace R&D by Deanna Borland-Sentinella

War, death, killing, bombs – it’s all just another computer game, or is it?  Join our hero and together play out the game of war.  But remember, the enemy is not always who we expect…

Fight for justice for our people.

Will you be courageous enough to forge into unfamiliar territory?  Will you be persistent enough to follow every twist and turn until the truth is uncovered?    

Fight for the freedom of our people.

The controller is in your hands and there are two games to play – the one in the video realm and one in our world.   

Fight for the future for our children

Each move of the game triggers part of the story surrounding The Incident.  What really happened?  Get the intelligence to piece together the story.  You are involved.

Fight for Justice for our people.

The Incident: an improvisational theatrical gaming experience where you control what is revealed.

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Deanna Borland-Sentinella


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