The Agency (Year 3)


Samuel A Remi (17) and Andrew Obi (18)

It's more than music. It's a statement.

Amplify's objectives focus around bringing out the identity of young people through creative musical reflection, strengthening the voice of the young, helping young artists get into the musical industry and in addition change the sometimes negative societal perspective on music and young people.

The mission of Amplify is to offer a platform to the young artists in Manchester by inspiring them to create their own music which is truly reflective of their identity.

Amplify will work with young artists aged 13-17 with limited experience over a period of 3 months under the aid of established artists through creative workshops to help these young artists discover their distinct style. The culmination of this work will see the production of EP that will ultimately be showcased in a private and public launch. 

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Andrew Samuel
Andrew Samuel
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