The Agency (Pilot Year 2)


Rosemary Davis (17)

Rosemary wants to create a sewing course that is substantial yet affordable for young people in Moston and Harpurhey.

There is also an online element which will contain video content, tips and lessons relating to the course and for individuals not able to physically attend. Her project also included a catwalk event which showcased the best designs created from the workshops,

Her initial aim was to teach sewing; mending and making clothes to local young people however after piloting the work she discovered that the workshops would also be beneficial for a range of individuals including young mothers.

Following her successful pilot phase in 2015 BySydneyRose have been funded by Vinspired to continue her work in the community and expand the project to engage a different range of participants


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BySidneyRose BySidneyRose
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