Future Fires 2014

Jennifer Spurrett

Jennifer is 20 years old and from Denton in Greater Manchester.

She has been a peer mentor for young people in an EBD school, a member of a youth opportunity fund at Duke Street youth centre and has experience caring for the disabled and the elderly.

Jennifer got involved with Future Fires because she felt she could (after a long and arduous journey of suffering with severe mental health issues) give something back to the young disabled community. She also wants the chance to gain a career within the arts community.

The idea of this project is to explore music and emotion with as many different people as possible, namely those who are oppressed, disabled and artistic. Everyone has different emotional reactions to a range of sounds, styles and feels of music. Jennifer wants to establish a group of individuals who can all relate to similar sounds with the eventual outcome of live performance.

Jennifer has always been a good listener for people struggling with a range of problems and believes that if more people opened their minds to music, they would be a lot of happier. A lot of people have never heard the sound of self-harmonising Tuvan Khoomei singers, the strange sound of the Shamanic pipe players of Morocco or the upbeat and exciting sound of 1960’s French Avent Garde Jazz. This is just a small example of the styles of music that will be explored. 

Jennifer's project ideas include:

  • Running a group session once a week to talk together about experiences whilst playing music.
  • To run one-to-one sessions using instruments, CD’s etc.
  • To find sounds which affect certain moods and stimulates the mind.

She has been inspired by many teachers, youth workers and artists. Namely those who work with disabled people and those who are at a social disadvantage. 

Contact’s Future Fires programme, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, supports young emerging artists to plan and deliver their own community arts outreach projects in Greater Manchester through a tailored programme of training, mentoring and support.

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Jennifer Future Fires
Jennifer Future Fires

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