Future Fires 2011

Tosin Akindele

A music project aimed at young female artists

Tosin’s project, Hip Hop Heroines involved working with a group of young women aged between 13 and 17 from North, East and South Manchester using hip-hop and music as a way of empowering them and helping them find a voice. 

She worked with these young women to reinforce the positives of being young women in an urban environment; without having to conform to any stereotypes.  Hip-Hop Heroines created a safe space where young women could be themselves, appreciated for their musical talents and build up their confidence in their own abilities. 

“I have really benefited from being a part of the Future Fires programme.  I have gained a number of skills such as project management skills, budgeting and finance skills, facilitating and workshop skills, etc.  These skills will not only help me develop my career after Future Fires but it has also had a positive impact on the work I’m currently doing.” 


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Tosin Akindele


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