Future Fires 2011

Tania Mahmoud

Exploring the theme of reintegration and the determining factors which establish cultural identity.

Tania collected stories from members of the community who had at some point in their lives, left, and returned to Manchester.  The aim of her research-based project was to explore the impact and issue of (re)integration and the subsequent effect this can have on what the concept of ‘community’ comes to mean to people; Do they still belong? Can they easily reintegrate? Is there a piece of community that they can never get back? Does this affect their cultural identity?

Tania recruited participants from all areas of Manchester, of all ages (from 18 year olds – 60 year olds), of a variety of ethnic backgrounds and from different socio-economic backgrounds. She conducted filmed interviews with each participant, and then invited them to a workshop where they explored the themes and questions above in more detail. This was then made into a film, which each of the participants received.

Since Future Fires, Tania has worked in fundrasing and corporate giving job roles. She is also a board member for Tandem Theatre and continues her involvement in Future Fires as a peer mentor.

“It was really useful to be involved in every stage – from the conception of the idea, through to the delivery and facilitation. This has me a holistic understanding of what goes into running a project.”

Check out Tania's Wordpress Blog at http://reintegrationmcr.wordpress.com/


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