The Radiator Factory

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Radiator Factory Crew Youth Arts Centre first saw the light of day in August 2008. RF is based in the former Thor radiator factory in the Municipality of Herlev on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark.  During CTW, Radiator Factory were twinned with Jamaica Youth Theatre and the pair became Fire and Ice, inspired by each other’s culture and love of street art such as graffiti.

The Radiator Factory Crew is a multi-disciplinary group of young people – from 15 to 25 years – who are trying to mix a wide range of street cultures – graffiti, parkour, street dance, street music, rap, digital words, film/video etc etc. – in their search for artistic expressions which will let hidden voices speak!

As part of the application process for Contacting the World, The Radiator Factory Crew made a 6 minute video diary which presents 4 different working groups from the Radiator Factory and their collaborations.

Radiator Factory’s final performance in CTW involved the Karma Canon, which made the trip with them to Manchester - the world’s first mobile, sunpowered CO2 neutral DJ unit/sound system … on a bike!

Around the Corner took place outside the Contact building; using rap, dance, text, parkour and multi-media, The Radiator Factory took us on a trip to a place not far from where you live — a place you would never go alone.

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The Radiator Factory
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