Poetry Circle Nowhere

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Poetry Circle Nowhere is the first Dutch performance poetry company. The collective came out of a regular workshop which developed into a company. It started making performances based on spoken word because there was no such thing in the Netherlands. The company also felt the need to create artistic opportunities for young poetic performers outside of the more institutionalised ways. The main talent of the young performing artists is writing, next to other talents as dance, theatre and visual arts.

As part of the application process for Contacting the World, Poetry Circle Nowhere met up with South African storyteller and musician Jitsvinger for a storytelling workshop. The young artist from Cape Town underlined the cultural and historic worth of stories for South-Africans and linked this to the use of mythology, numerology and symbolism. He draws comparisons by using old Afrikaner poems and his own poems and showed the importance of these three phenomena for storytellers, rappers and poets of his generation.

Poetry Circle Nowhere were twinned with Sophiatown Ambassadors from Johannesburg, South Africa during Contacting the World.

Their performance during the CTW festival Re: Move all was an invitation to move on, asking the audience:

Do you feel like you are where you want to be? .start.think.start.think again.start. Are you sure you are where you should be? .start. Are you really here? .start.remove all.start. re move all…

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Poetry Circle Nowhere
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