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London, UK

Outhouse Collective is a collaborative group of theatre-makers and artists who create new contemporary drama that is meaningful and essential. Twinned with CuciOtak from Indonesia, the group performed ‘A Neon Fairytale’ at Contacting the World 2010, 

"We are a dynamic, young company developed at The Roundhouse, Camden, which aims to challenge an audience’s perception of theatre. We are a highly collaborative group of theatre-makers and artists whose strengths lie in our ability to utilise various media to create new contemporary drama in a meaningful and essential way.  We believe in utilising audio visual techniques throughout our devising process and offering opportunities to young creative people to work with us towards the creation of our work."

“The Greek hero; a collaboration tale” was the Outhouse Collective's application activity for Contacting the World. They went out on to the streets and got the people of London to create a tale based on a statue. As each new person was asked for their input to the story, the information was then passed to each other via text messages. In essence an interactive, city-wide version of Chinese whispers or consequences.

Outhouse’s performance at Contacting the World 2010 was influenced by their twinning with CuciOtak, from Indonesia, through a surreal exploration of waiting and searching for answers in a dream-like world.

"A Neon Fairytale: Eons ago the planet spun on its axis. Sunrise. Sunset. Men, women and children lived in a symphony of light and dark. Then the Slam happened and knocked the world off-kilter. The Earth stopped. In the midst of this chaos two weary travellers collide and journey through this newly confusing world, both searching for a new way of life, safety, comfort and — most importantly — answers."


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Outhouse Collective
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