Parsuruan, Indonesia

CuciOtak has a unique identity within the 12 CTW companies. Based in an area of former conflict in Parsuruan, Indonesia, the company consists of over ninety members made up of Christian and Muslim Youth. Their twinning with Outhouse Collective, based in London, was a fascinating challenge, with huge differences in culture, communication and resources between the two groups.

Their work draws on traditional Indonesian culture due to the influence of one of its founders, Achmad Rosidi, and at the same time reflects Indonesian youth culture of the twenty-first century. Through traditional contemporary practice CuciOtak incorporate martial arts and physical theatre into their performances to maintain and increase knowledge of Indonesian culture.

CuciOtak has been successfully using Theatre and Art for 6 years now, to give a new way of life to young people who come from broken families and have been living on the streets. There are several cases amongst the children that they currently work with that come from these backgrounds and now have regained their self-esteem and have restarted studying.

As part of the application process for Contacting the World, CuciOtak activity aimed to find out more about their members. Their collaboration took place over two days, collaborating with three lecturers and an artist from Pasuruan City, Mr. Rohadi, Mr. Kaji Karno, and Mr. Ahmad Rosidi. This activity was delivered to ninety CuciOtak members and fifteen young people were then chosen to participate in CTW 2010 in Manchester.

CuciOtak’s performance during CTW 2010 was Arok Dedes, inspired by Outhouse’s interest in fairy stories and myths. Told through traditional Indonesian art forms, the performance re-told the powerful tale of Ken Angrok, King of Java, who is eternally cursed after killing a blacksmith.

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