Tehran, Iran

84theater is a young theatre group established in 2006 in Tehran. The group has concentrated on performing plays written by international and Iranian playwrights including Chekhov, Beckett, Pinter, Mamet, and numerous writers from any corner of the world. Previously 84theater had always performed scripted plays, their CTW twinning with 20 Stories High in Liverpool produced their very first devised performance.

The group has also had many workshops in Tai Chi Chowan (Chinese martial art), Neutral Mask and Sound Training. Most members of the group are students or graduated from Cinema and Theater College, University of Art, in Tehran. The group was founded by Ali Akbar Alizad (a lecturer in Cinema and Theater College) as the main director and Reza Soroor as the Writer/dramaturge. The texts are often selected for their socio-political themes.

As part of the application process for Contacting the World, 84theater collaborated with another theatre company named Tehran-To to explore different ways of making theatre. The theatre making methods of two groups are different and the collaborative activity helped explore new ways of working.

Through their collaboration with 20 Stories High during CTW, 84theater learnt about devised theatre and the process of creating a performance through workshops. The twinning was very successful and resulted in two performances that linked and referenced each other beautifully.

84 theater’s performance during CTW took inspiration from an old Iranian epic, telling a fantastical tale about a boy named Stefan who is searching for a magic mountain…in Liverpool.

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