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AlbinoMosquito™ is a video production company that offers a bespoke creative service to its clients. We have our own wide and diverse artistic practice. Our ongoing explorations of visual expression are reflected in our broad range of cutting edge services

Mauro Camal and Richard Ramchurn are AlbinoMosquito. These dudes rock. AlbinoMosquito is an artist led company. They work in drama, documentary, installation and AV for stage amongst other shenanigans. They have recently set up HQ in Ancoats where they create their alternate realities.

So warm up, stretch your body and senses and come ride with us.

Richard Ramchurn

Born of mixed Mauritian Scottish heritage, Richard Ramchurn grew up in central Scotland in the 1980s-90s. He trained in illustration and animation at Manchester Metroplitan University, UK. Cutting his teeth in the Manchester art scene of the early 00s; he produced live art performances and painting exhibitions always with an eye to evolve to film making. He uses current and vintage technologies in unconventional ways to produce his visual work for theatre and film. A continuing theme in his practice is the relationship between the beauty and the horror of human experience.

Mauro Camal

Mauro Camal is a Portuguese artist born in Mozambique, he arrived in Manchester in 2006 and since then has been developing work in performance, film, theater and live art.

Also a Writer and Producer, his inspirations translate into different art forms mainly focused on relationships, human interaction and social political context.

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